We love our volunteers! We would not be able to have our home games without them. Thank you for all you do!
If you would like to join our volunteer team, please email Eduard at president@deltaicehawks.com


Joan Tremmel Rudd – Tickets

Kelly Smith Conroy – Tickets

Bert van Tol – 50/50

Linda van Tol – 50/50

Joe Scorda – Front of House & 50/50

Francois Dionne – Online Scorekeeping

Nita Takeuchi – Scorekeeping

Bob Taggart – Timekeeping

Greg Balloch – HockeyTV Broadcaster

Mark Epshtein – HockeyTV Broadcaster

Justin Perry – HockeyTV Cameraman

Steve Erickson – EastlinkTV Broadcaster

Ian Wilson – EastlinkTV Broadcaster

Nono Taylor – Goal Judge