COMMITTED: Cameron Lee

2004-born defenseman Cameron Lee has committed to the Ice Hawks for the 2021-22 season!


Get to know Cam:

Where did you grow up/play hockey before the Hawks?

I grew up in Richmond, but the majority of my hockey career has been spent playing for teams outside of Richmond. When I was younger, I played for NSWC and Seafair, which then transitioned me into playing for St. Georges for a couple of years. Before joining the Hawks, I was most recently with the Richmond Jets.
How have you been keeping busy during COVID? What are some of your hobbies?

During COVID, I have spent the majority of my time training for hockey. Whether that was training in the gym or going for runs, I enjoyed staying active during the break. When I’m not on the ice or training, I love spending time outdoors. I really enjoy going for hikes and going for runs by the water. In general, I love being outside and seeing nature.

 Who is your favourite NHL team/player? Were you cheering for anyone in the playoffs?
My favourite team is the Calgary Flames and my favourite player Is Matthew Tkachuk. Since the Flames didn’t make the playoffs, I didn’t really have a team to cheer for, but I was rooting for the Jets since I wanted to see Edmonton lose. I also enjoyed watching the Islanders play, since most of their games were pretty close and intense.

What are you hoping for this season? What are your hockey goals? 

My hope for this season is to win the league championship and then go on to win the Cyclone. My goal for hockey is to play college hockey, but a shorter-term goal is to advance to Junior A.